Access denied: not authorised to use Library Hub Cataloguing

Access to the Library Hub Cataloguing service is restricted to libraries in Jisc member institutions and contributors to the Jisc National Bibliographic Knowledgebase.

There are two ways of accessing the service and if you choose the wrong login option you won't be able to get access. If you're unsure which login to use please check locally in the first instance, your colleagues should be able to advise you.

If you are sure that you are using the correct login option:

  • Local institutional login: If you are logging in with your normal institutional login then contact your systems colleagues in the first instance, as access will have been established for you within your own Shibboleth IdP
  • If we have set up access for you via the Library Hub IdP and this isn't working, please let us know. As soon as the error occurs select the following link and send us a copy of the page it takes you to:
    Contact us at with details of the error.